‘Knowing Tina is going to visit and feed the dogs when my wife or I have to stay late at the office, and can look after them in our home if we are away for the weekend gives us such peace of mind. With the best will in the world it's not always possible to leave work bang on time if you are in the middle of a project, and Tina is flexible so we don't have to worry.'

Phill Bates - York

Many dog owners work and can’t be around to spend time with their dog during the day...

Pet visiting

Perhaps you have a puppy who you don’t want to leave for too long, or an elderly dog who can't cross his legs as long as when he was younger?

If you don’t need your dog to be walked but have to leave him for longer than you would like during the day, York Walkies can help. I offer a pet visiting service so your dog is not alone all day, and has some time being played with or fussed, or simply having a toilet break.

If you are going out for the day and will be back later than usual, work shifts which mean your dog is left over a feeding time, or have a longer than usual day at work, I can visit your pet and give him his meal and opportunity to go to the toilet.

Alternatively if you want to go out for the evening and will be back late, I can visit your pet during the course of the evening and provide some TLC and a chance for your dog to go to the toilet before bed time.

I aim to be flexible wherever possible to meet your needs.

Puppy visiting

York Walkies can visit your puppy while you are at work at appropriate intervals during the day. I will spend time playing with your puppy and ensuring that he has chance to go to the toilet. I will clean up any accidents and ensure that he has fresh water and food if needed. If you have a secure garden I can play with him in the garden or can spend 15 minutes taking your puppy for a leg stretch before returning him home. This can provide him with a break during the day, and you with the reassurance of knowing that your dog has had opportunity to interact and play and to go to the toilet before you come home.

Senior dog visiting

Elderly dogs do not necessarily need to go for a walk during the day, but may find it hard to manage without opportunity to go to the toilet. I can give your dog chance to go to the toilet or take him out for a brief walk, and give him some company before leaving him comfortable and with fresh water, and your home secure. This service is ideal if you have a dog that has been left for a few hours before but is now not managing without a toilet break.

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